January 23, 2019

Working too hard? Work Intensification in Britain.

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Britain, regarded as the sick man of Europe in the 1970s, bedevilled with militant trade unions and work-shy employees (according to popular mythology at least), seems to have regained its work ethic with a vengeance in the 21st Century.
According to the UK Skills and Employment Survey 2013, hard work can be challenging, stressful and costly but also stimulating, rewarding and financially beneficial. The Survey reports that work intensification has increased significantly in the UK since 2006.
Work seems to have intensified more sharply for women, especially those working full time. Work intensification is associated with technological changes (especially IT) and although it may be due partly to the recession in most cases it does not seem to be associated specifically with organisational downsizing.
If you are not too exhausted from all that work (not to mention studying for your MBA, MSc or DBA) you can read the report here.