January 20, 2019

What inspires you?

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LinkedIn asked some of the world’s top leaders this question, and the responses were food for thought. Three particular motivators emerged: learning from inspiring people; tackling a challenge; and maintaining perspective. There didn’t seem to be much mention of ‘boring’ things like money or job security. Is this because world leaders’ lower-order needs are satisfied? Or, is it because certain personalities thrive on risk-taking and problem solving? Perhaps there is an element of both these arguments. I would maintain that as long as we are lucky enough to have met fundamental physical needs (like food, shelter), we are all motivated to some extent by higher order needs like affiliation, achievement and being the best we can be. So, organisations that foster social interaction, stimulating challenges, creativity and purpose are more likely to have a motivated workforce, which in turn is more likely to work productively towards corporate objectives. You can read the responses of the world leaders here.
What inspires you at work, and why?

Jane Priest, Teaching Fellow About Jane Priest, Teaching Fellow

Teaching Fellow at Edinburgh Business School. Part of the Marketing teaching team, focusing on the Consumer Behaviour elective.