August 12, 2020

University without walls!

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20 November 2014 and it’s EBS graduation day again. Today we have four new DBA graduates bringing to 35 the number from the programme since its inception.  26 of the 35 have graduated in the past couple of years as the DBA has gathered pace.

Edinburgh Business SchoolToday’s four graduates come from South Africa, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. The subjects of their respective theses are equally diverse and cover marketing in the retail sector, sustainability reporting by listed companies, enrolment management in higher education and the effects of competition for funding in the voluntary sector.

If we look at the complete set of graduates the countries where they have carried out their DBA research are as follows: Canada; Gambia; Germany; Ghana; Hong Kong;  Iran; Ireland; Kenya; Luxembourg; Nigeria;  Norway; Rwanda; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States; and Zambia.

Sitting in Edinburgh it feels extraordinary to be delivering a doctoral degree programme that has such a global spread.  The breadth of countries involved in the EBS DBA will only grow with several more candidates, among those currently writing theses, working in countries not yet on this list.

At base the DBA is enabled by the systems developed by our IT colleagues in EBS that overcome the constraints of geography and mean that the support offered to DBA candidates is the same wherever they are in the world. Be it close at hand or on the other side of the earth supervision and oversight is identical.

Really this is the university without walls.