October 27, 2020

Top UK University Launches MBA Programme at its Malaysia Campus

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Putrajaya (Photo credit: Agnes Yin)

One of the most successful MBAs in the world is launching at a major new UK university campus in Malaysia.

The world-renowned MBA programme developed by Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University UK, will be delivered by top UK and Asian faculty in Malaysia from January 2013 at the newly established Heriot-Watt University Malaysia campus.

The MBA programme will be taught in a brand new facility at the headquarters of Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd, in 2013, and during 2014 the MBA and other university programmes will move to a new, prestigious state-of-the-art campus at Putrajaya.

In 2011 Heriot-Watt won a global tender to establish the multi-million pound campus at Putrajaya and is investing £35 million (173 million MYR) to develop the campus where 4,000 undergraduate, postgraduate and research students will study a range of degree programmes.

Professor Robert Craik, Chief Executive Officer and Provost of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, says the new campus will have a wide and significant impact:

“We are committed to offering high quality British education to students from Malaysia and across Asia, providing quality degrees to educate the next generation of leaders in a wide range of fields and building education and research links around the region.”

The Edinburgh Business School MBA programme will build on the school’s long history in Malaysia. The MBA has been available to students since 1992, through study in the UK, independent study, or academic partner institutions. There are more than 1,200 graduates from this MBA in Malaysia.

Business Director of Edinburgh Business School, Alick Kitchin, says the launch of the MBA in Malaysia marks a new chapter in the school’s relationship with the country:

“Malaysian students have enjoyed access to the most flexible MBA programme in the world for the last 20 years, but now we are delighted to be able to offer our programme to Malaysian managers on campus, via part-time study. Many successful Malaysian leaders and thinkers hold our MBA, and the development of the state-of-the-art campus at Putrajaya will open up the programme to the next generation of Malaysia talent – on home soil.”

Malaysian MBA graduates have been unanimous in their support for the new development – many credit the Edinburgh Business School programme for their career success.

Kim Leong Wong, Head of Marketing and Sales for Cheng Hua Engineering Works (Asia Pacific Region), says:

“I know that my Edinburgh Business School MBA has made my employers look at me in a new light. I have gained so much knowledge from my studies and I use my MBA knowledge every day in my work and in my life in general.”

Jasbir Sekhon, Head of Next Generation Broadband at Maxis Communications, says his MBA helped reignite the passion he felt for business and made him a more effective senior manager:

“I am proud of my career and all I have achieved but holding an Edinburgh Business School MBA is solid proof that all my experience stacks up and I can deliver. It’s a worthwhile investment for everyone.”

Dev Ananth, Director of Devi’s Corner restaurant franchise, attracts more than 4.5 million customers to his three restaurants every year. He says:

“My Edinburgh Business School MBA has made me realise more than ever that anything is possible and I can achieve my dreams, which includes diversifying across many business sectors and being successful at whatever I do.”

The MBA programme will comprise of a series of weekend seminars spread over a two year period and a dedicated team will be based on campus in Putrajaya to support and interact with students on the part time MBA programme.

The Edinburgh Business School MBA, launched in 1989, is listed as the largest, most popular MBA programme in the world by the Financial Times (March 2012) with more than 10,500 active students in 160 countries and 15,000 alumni.