March 19, 2019

The Bottom Line

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BBC Radio 4 mic cube/flag (2009)

BBC Radio 4 mic cube/flag (2009) (Photo credit:

A few years ago now I found a radio programme on BBC Radio 4 that each week pulls together three senior executives from a range of different organisations to talk to a presenter Evan Davies.  The programme is a joint production between the BBC and the Open University in the UK.  The programme has grown in popularity and can now be found on the BBC News TV Channel as well as in its original form on BBC Radio 4.  You can also catch back programmes on line.


Watch the TV version (TV)

Hear the radio version (Audio)

I suggest you have a look at the Series 10 Episode 9 programme (29 March 2012).  Evan Davies facilitates a discussion between Nicola Horlick the Chair of Rock Pool Investments who work in the film industry, Sir Martin Sorrell the CEO of WPP and David Jones Global CEO of HAVAS.

This programme is a discussion of three areas of executive level thought on Decision Making, Sunday Trading during the London Olympics and Stress in the workplace.

On Decision Making it was good to hear the discussion ranging from “I make decisions at the Top”, through team decision making and ending with decision making almost purely within a pre-determined Plan.

On Sunday Trading there was an interesting discussion on what it is that society in the UK might actually want and achieve through the idea on extended retail opening hours.

Finally the discussion on stress in the workplace reminded me about the whole life nature of stress, the differences in how individuals experience stress and how some senior leaders might react to you being stressed as an employee working for them.  Sir Martin even said “there is no such thing as stress – it’s all about having fun”.

Keep an eye out for future programmes or browse the back catalogue for things that interest you.