October 20, 2018

Team Building and Entrepreneurship

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Judy Estrin is a Californian serial entrepreneur and is unusual in fulfilling her need for affiliation by creating new work teams to create innovation.  She enjoys working for large organisations, like becoming the CTO of Cisco after they acquired one of her start-ups, but she finds working in smaller environments most exciting.  She has now encapsulated her experiences in a book entitled “Closing the Innovation Gap” (ISBN-10: 0071499873; ISBN-13: 978-0071499873).  A good quote from her is “You can be a middle level success and you can still be having a lot of fun solving a lot of good problems, making money for your investors.  Not every company is a Google or a Facebook.”

Having fun and working in teams sounds attractive to me – how about you?

The BBC news has the story here.