March 31, 2020

Interesting Articles

My short time as Blog Master is finishing today and I’ll be handing over to colleagues Jane and Barbara for the rest of August. That doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging – if I see an issue that captures my imagination I’ll be sure to post something here. In the meantime I have been […]

Olympic Gold

If you are not a sports fan you will already be bored with the Olympics. To you I apologise in advance. It will come as no surprise that there was a lot of coverage in the press in the run up to the games, and true to form the UK media has been resoundingly negative […]

The Business of 50 percent Tax Rates

Back in October I wrote about the problems the UK government was having with the 50p tax rate in my post, “A Taxing Question”. At the time I said that “Those for the policy claim that the rate brings in much-needed revenues that help to reduce the size of the budget deficit. Leading Liberal Democrats […]

A Taxing Question

Some readers will have seen or heard about the recent debate in the UK press about the “50p” rate of income tax. For those who haven’t, here’s some background. The UK operates a progressive tax structure which until recently consisted of a rate of 20%, or 20 pence in the pound, for earnings above the […]