July 8, 2020

Is there any ‘service’ hope out there?

It’s the old, old story… the bigger you get the worse your service delivery gets? On recent trips overseas, on my favourite airline, as it has got bigger, I have noticed it’s service standards have slipped, at least as they matter to me! I no longer get a wash-bag, I am not personally welcomed back […]

Internet shopping booms at the expense of traditional retailers

This year I did the bulk of my Christmas shopping in one day but unlike many British people, I braved the shops rather than shopping online from the comfort of my own home. It wasn’t an entirely pleasant experience. One of the shops was so hot that it was almost empty. While staff walked around […]

How realistic are our expectations of eating out?

On several occasions recently I’ve eaten out with friends or family and the experience has been disappointing. Not for me, but for my company, and the problems haven’t related to the atmosphere or service, but to the food itself. The food is too salty or too bland, not hot enough or undercooked, dry, greasy, and […]

Could retailers have the last laugh?

Another retailer gone. This seems to be a recurring theme, transforming the British high street, and streets in many other countries too. Meanwhile, online commerce is gaining fast. What does the future hold for bricks-and-mortar shops? On the plus side, there are many reasons why people go shopping, other than just to buy things. Shopping […]

Caring robots

A major and growing concern for much of the developed world is how to ensure that every old person is able to get the care they need. Nurses work tirelessly to give quality care, but increasing demand makes it harder to deliver. Is automation the answer? The ‘aging population’ is largely a result of healthier […]