January 24, 2020

The Risk of Managing Risks

Does undertaking efforts to manage risk really make a difference? At times, I wonder. I recently conducted a review for a construction project that was stalled due to the collapse of a portion of the roof structure. I asked to see the risk register and was provided with a very comprehensive document – yet the […]

Mirror(s) mirror(s) on the wall – what should I do if at all? – Wisdom of the crowd

Imagine that every important decision you make is made with the help of many smart people. Any question you ask can be answered based on the collective opinions, wisdom and experience of others, many others. It is called wisdom of the crowd. It simply means taking the average over a large number of responses (group […]

Signing off as Blog Master for October

It is almost time for me to hand over the role of Blog Master to my colleague Iain Lauder. I will be posting further blogs on Project Management and on the EBS DBA programme in future, but for now I will sign off as October Blog Master with a few links to internet articles on […]