August 12, 2020

Troubled Water Over Oil

I’m sure you are aware that the oil price has fallen from over $100 per barrel to less than $50 since the middle of last year. This is bad news for some and good news for others. But what has caused this dramatic and, it appears, unforeseen drop in the price of oil? You’ll find […]

Oligopoly Strikes Again!

I’ve been listening to the radio intently on my drive to work every morning this week. Every time there is a news update I cannot help but think about a couple of blog posts I wrote more than a year ago about the oligopolistic nature of the UK utilities market. You can find them here […]

Oligopoly in Action… Again!

Happy New Year to all our followers. We’ve been hibernating over the festive season in Scotland but are now back. I’ll begin posting a selection of interesting articles again every couple of weeks, starting next week. A couple of months back I wrote about the market for domestic electricity and gas in the UK. You […]

Oligopoly in Action!

Domestic energy users in the UK are able to “choose” their supplier from a number of different companies. While there are some fledgling companies offering utilities services to consumers the market is dominated by the “big six” companies. Switching between companies involves signing a contract and sitting back and waiting. You also have to send […]

Million Dollar Taxis

I was in New York in October 2011 and read in the Times that two New York taxi medallions – aluminium plates that grant the right to operate a yellow cab – recently changed hands for $1 million each. This is the highest recorded sale since the first medallions were issued in 1937. At that […]