March 23, 2019

Unwitting cruelty

There are times that even a hardened negotiator can be stopped in their tracks. No fight, no quibbles, no what if’s…. just “ok, I’ll take it”. It’s not until later that I think to myself, how did I let that happen? Surely I could have done better? Surely I could have at least tried to […]

Shut Up

However frustrating silence is in a negotiation, it is imperative to learn to enjoy the silence and let the other side respond to your proposal / statement in their own time. Rushing in with amendments is tantamount to negotiating with yourself, and confusing them with “chat” can be just as damaging. I am currently engaged […]

Compromising positions

I am often reminded that people see negotiation in a very different light – probably based on some bad experiences. When faced with a negotiation, people often expect that dreadful “c word” – Compromise! I was reminded of this just yesterday when reading an article about an academic negotiation over exam content, the school board […]

Definitively Speaking

I have been taught a harsh lesson on negotiating by my 3yr old son this week. Its something I should know, but in the heat of the moment all my negotiating sense left me and I was left looking rather silly. We were having dinner, a penne pasta dish, and my son seemed less than […]

Art or Science?

Donald Trump has caused a bit of a Twitter controversy with his recent posting: Is negotiation an Art? One of the replies he received stated “Art requires talent.  I prefer to think of negotiation as something that can be learned and perfected.” I think it is both. Some people are born with a natural ability […]

Liar, Liar!

According to new research by University of California–Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania, women fare less well in negotiations because they are more likely to be lied to.  According to the researchers, both men and women are more likely to blatantly lie to a woman during a negotiation, because the assumption is that she will […]

Can being first ever make you come last?

I recently read an article from the school of Roberto Cialdini, the authority on influence. He recounts a negotiation with Andy Roddick and Lacoste where the first proposal from Lacoste lead to a less than satisfactory outcome.  It posed the question “Are there any situations when making the first offer, rather than serve as an […]