March 31, 2020

Can clever marketing hinder good negotiations?

Someone once said to me that you can only really negotiate when you don’t really need the deal. At the time I dismissed his comment as utter madness, but did he have a point? In the past, when I went to buy something that I really wanted, or needed, I was far more likely to […]

Perfection not guaranteed

Is there such a thing as the perfect deal? Is it a myth or is it achievable? If it is achievable, how do we measure it? First we have to define the perfect deal. Does it mean: I’ve done well in the deal? (But this suggests the other side didn’t get much from the deal, […]

The consequence of winning

Today I met someone who said something about negotiation that struck me as misguided: ‘I must be a great negotiator because I always get what I want.’ That can be taken many ways, perhaps as a warning (it was said at the end of our very first meeting about a project we are to work […]

Feeling lucky?

On a recent trip abroad I read an article in an in-flight magazine about how luck is valued in business. Many successful individuals have had (good) luck – whether a chance meeting, being in the right place at the right time, or a connection who can help them take advantage of a situation – play […]

The fear of ‘no’.

Are you ever afraid to ask for a discount, or an ‘extra’? You’re not alone.  Personally, I am much more confident about proposing solutions to problems, hammering out deals and negotiating terms than I am about confronting someone about giving me a discount. Surely it’s the same thing – it’s asking for something I want, […]

It’s not me, it’s you: five ways to improve your relationships

Relationships are complex, and business relationships are no different to personal ones. You’re often left second-guessing meanings and questioning outcomes. If they end, you’re often left wondering: where did I go wrong?  Was it something I said? Following these few simple rules can help you get more from your relationships and ensure their longevity. Building […]

Dealing with Darth Vador

View image | Lets be honest, how many of us can actually say that everyone we have dealt with has been a pussycat? It’s unlikely, to say the least, that everyone is as accommodating and interested in a joint gain as you. So how do you cope when you are faced with someone who […]

Don’t be put off by a ‘no’.

There are many people who are simply afraid to ask for something – be it a discount, a better price or compensation. But there is also a group of people who, having been brave enough to ask for something, are put off at the first hurdle, by someone saying ‘no’. Sometimes no means no, but […]