March 31, 2020

Attention please!

While there is no real agreement on how many advertisements we are exposed to every day, the general consensus is: it’s a lot. Most probably hundreds, maybe even thousands. But one thing is for sure, we don’t give many of them much attention. Having said that, once you’re looking for something specific, it’s interesting how […]

Carrot stick anyone?

Just like previous years, 2013 has launched with a flurry of advertisements offering products and services to help the British public stick to our New Year’s resolutions. From stopping smoking to losing weight and doing more exercise, this is the usual time for best intentions. But when it comes to changing behaviour, do people respond […]

Buy my product… and live happily ever after

At a car-boot sale recently I couldn’t resist buying two eerie little framed prints of “Jack and Jill” tumbling down a hill and “the old women who lived in a shoe”; they were over 120 years old and only a pound each!But what is it with society’s fixation with folklore and fairy tales, myths and […]

Two very different snowmen

Two very British institutions – John Lewis and Irn Bru – and two very different takes on the festive season. Every year, around the beginning of November, a buzz of excitement ignites in the UK media. Forget about the festive season’s must-see TV shows, the big news is what is going to be the best […]

Olympic sponsors: here today… and tomorrow!

In the run up to the Olympics there were various grumblings in the media that corporate sponsors were wielding too much power. The ban on retailers selling chips because of “sponsorship obligations” was just one example that caused a stir. But on the flip side, sponsors not only ploughed vast sums of money and resources […]

On your bike…

What a great time to be handed the role of Blog Master. The Marketing team will be picking up on several threads this month, including retailer power; pricing issues and corporate social responsibility. But first, a final (and dare I say it) optimistic comment on London 2012. Some of my early cynicism about the Olympic […]

…too far?

Whilst I’m somewhat sympathetic with the corporate sponsors who have paid good money to support London 2012, there is a limit, and now it seems corporate control has gone just too far.  Apparently we won’t be able to enjoy that great British favourite – a bag of chips – unless we buy it in McDonald’s. […]

Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

Happiness gurus have all sorts of advice up their sleeves: live in the moment, engage in an absorbing task or commit a random act of kindness? With all the doom and gloom about due to economic hardship, this last option seems particularly appealing. The theory goes that selfless acts of generosity (in other words, being […]