July 12, 2020

Troubled Water Over Oil

I’m sure you are aware that the oil price has fallen from over $100 per barrel to less than $50 since the middle of last year. This is bad news for some and good news for others. But what has caused this dramatic and, it appears, unforeseen drop in the price of oil? You’ll find […]

Seven Billion and Counting

Recently a good friend of mine said that there are “too many” people in the world. This made me think of a blog I wrote two years ago about the world’s population hitting 7 billion. If you look at this population clock, you will see that the world’s population is now about 7.2 billion. My […]

Interesting articles

Here are some articles that I’ve found interesting and would like to share: Ocado suffers a fall in shares as Waitrose challenges the online grocer over its discussions to help Morrisons develop an online service. Is Ocado risking a valuable long-term relationship, or is Waitrose reacting prematurely and unfairly to an opportunity for its ‘biggest […]

Copper-bottomed Forecasting

 Who do you think would make the better economic forecaster?  Him? Or this? The reason I raise this question is because of an interesting article about copper, “Red Bull”, in the Economist (September 24, 2011) subtitled “the world’s most informative metal”. Now “informative” is guaranteed to attract an economist’s attention, because economics in general and the […]

Early Retirement?

We all know that life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last fifty years, and if you believe this Guardian graphic produced from the recent UN report on population, it looks set to increase further across the world by the end of the century. Because of this developed economies now have an increasingly large proportion […]

Seven Billion

The UN is predicting that the world’s population will hit 7 billion this week. For many the logical consequence of an ever-increasing population seems to be mass-starvation and environmental disaster. These fears are not new. More than 200 years ago the economist Robert Malthus predicted continuous growth in population outstripping growth of available resources resulting […]