July 8, 2020

The Never Ending Story?

I wrote in October about the double problem for the global economy – the stagnant US Economy and the Eurozone crisis. Both of these have been fuelling negative business expectations which, as you know, make private consumption and investment lower than they otherwise would be. So let’s re-assess the situation a few months on. In […]

Double Trouble

Two things are giving everyone cause for concern at the moment: the euro crisis and the state of the US economy. A good discussion of the ongoing euro crisis and its potential disastrous impact can be found here on Paul Krugman’s New York Times blog, and an article about the US economy from the eyes […]

Follow the Sun?

Is the recently-announced debt-reduction plan for Greece a viable solution to the most serious financial problem facing the world economy today? The example of Jamaica – the land of sun, sea and sand – could be a good indication of what might be expected to follow. Or is it? Back in 2009 Jamaica faced its […]