January 23, 2020

Cape Town water supply: a small nudge in the right direction

At the beginning of 2018, experts predicted that Cape Town would be the first major city in the world to run out of water, and the date given for ‘Day Zero’ was 12 April 2018. This is a result of three years of drought. Residents at that time will only be able to have 25 […]

The Why Axis

You are probably well aware that controlled experiments are carried out in laboratories where one sample, say of microbes, is given a treatment and another is given no treatment (the control) and the results are compared. The idea is to hold constant all influences other than the one you wish to test. The same approach […]

Professor Alex Scott visits South Africa

Professor Alex Scott gave a talk to assembled Edinburgh Business School alumni in Johannesburg during a recent visit to South Africa. The talk, which was hosted by alumni ambassador, Tony Savides, later saw Professor Scott give further classes in both Economics and Strategic Planning. The visit marked Professor Scott’s first visit to South Africa in […]