July 8, 2020

Are we all just chasing rainbows?

At a recent conference I attended in the USA, a speaker told us about the four ‘must happens’ for success in the world in business over the next few years: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR). How many times have we heard this? And for how many years have academics been researching and […]

Shared value

Recently the Chartered Institute of Marketing sponsored a debate at the House of Commons; the motion: “Social responsibility claims by businesses amount to little more than posturing to gain competitive advantage”. This debate comes in the aftermath of some widely publicised scandals in the UK in which, despite claims of fair-handedness and altruistic ambition,  several  […]

Moral, ethical or just good business?

In a previous article we looked at the behaviour of supermarkets and the apparent ‘rip off’ behaviour by them of their milk and other foodstuffs. But we all know it does not end here.  Are we seeing the advent into Marketing of the concept of ‘Marketing Seller Hypocrisy’ or in other words, ‘Watch what I […]

Olympic sponsors: here today… and tomorrow!

In the run up to the Olympics there were various grumblings in the media that corporate sponsors were wielding too much power. The ban on retailers selling chips because of “sponsorship obligations” was just one example that caused a stir. But on the flip side, sponsors not only ploughed vast sums of money and resources […]