March 28, 2020

Twinkle, twinkle little star, now I wonder where you are?

I recently heard an Internet consultant say that children 5 years ago were living with the internet, today they are living in the internet and mobile applications. The American Marketing Association is now making mobile marketing and ‘big data’, two of their research priorities over the next few years. Both will revolutionise consumer behaviour and […]

Could retailers have the last laugh?

Another retailer gone. This seems to be a recurring theme, transforming the British high street, and streets in many other countries too. Meanwhile, online commerce is gaining fast. What does the future hold for bricks-and-mortar shops? On the plus side, there are many reasons why people go shopping, other than just to buy things. Shopping […]

Habitual brands?

Successfully weaving brands into consumers’ everyday ‘rituals’ is a helpful way of making them seem, in the consumer’s mind, indispensable. Personal hygiene products, like toothpaste, deodorant and makeup remover are obvious ones.  But many brands seem to want to capitalise on this opportunity, as suggested by well known slogans like “A Mars a day…” “Have A […]

Interesting articles

Here are some articles that I’ve found interesting and would like to share: Ocado suffers a fall in shares as Waitrose challenges the online grocer over its discussions to help Morrisons develop an online service. Is Ocado risking a valuable long-term relationship, or is Waitrose reacting prematurely and unfairly to an opportunity for its ‘biggest […]

What’s the problem?

The problem with changing consumers’ attitudes is that attitudes do not always predict behaviour. Many people like Rolex watches but will never in their lifetime buy one. Many people know that smoking is bad for them but do it anyway. And many people have been intending to pay their car tax but just don’t get […]

Attention please!

While there is no real agreement on how many advertisements we are exposed to every day, the general consensus is: it’s a lot. Most probably hundreds, maybe even thousands. But one thing is for sure, we don’t give many of them much attention. Having said that, once you’re looking for something specific, it’s interesting how […]

Carrot stick anyone?

Just like previous years, 2013 has launched with a flurry of advertisements offering products and services to help the British public stick to our New Year’s resolutions. From stopping smoking to losing weight and doing more exercise, this is the usual time for best intentions. But when it comes to changing behaviour, do people respond […]

How did they do that?

The UK 2012 Christmas grocery retail sales results are in! And they don’t make happy reading for Morrisons, one of the so called retailing ‘Big Four’. Whilst Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys have some reasons to be cheerful, Morrisons are looking at a gloomy 2.5% downturn in like-for-like sales. How come? They cut prices and offer […]