March 19, 2019

Oil Price Watch 22 October 2011

The FT reported on Tuesday that there were concerns about China’s GDP growth (latest data quarterly data just published showing it had grown at its lowest rate for more than two years). By Friday, Douglas Hepworth, director of research at Gresham Investment Management, told the FT that investors are “obviously nervous about a US slowdown. They […]

Oil Price Watch 15 October 2011

Welcome to this run of the Oil Price Watch! Over the next few weeks we will be monitoring what has been happening to this crucial market and try to explain why the price has been moving the way it has.

Risk loving … or risk avoiding Australians?

One of the nice things about blogging is that it is interactive and quite often collaborative. It also gives you the license to raise important and interesting questions and puzzles without being in any way obligated or expected to give answers – being able to say, “heck, I don’t know” is a nice break from […]

Oil Price Watch Overview

At different times we have conducted an “Oil Price Watch” (as well as sometimes looking at the behaviour of other commodity markets). The idea was to monitor what happens to the price of oil on a week by week basis as reported in the Financial Times and to see how this market can help illustrate basic economic […]