March 28, 2020

Interesting Articles

My short time as Blog Master is finishing today and I’ll be handing over to colleagues Jane and Barbara for the rest of August. That doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging – if I see an issue that captures my imagination I’ll be sure to post something here. In the meantime I have been […]

Tying up the Oil Price Watch

This is just a tail piece on the Oil Price Watch run we have done over the past few weeks and which we shall put to bed for the moment.  As they say, our work here has been done – for now. So what remains that might be useful to review at this point? Well, first […]

Oil Price Watch December 3rd 2011

The Brent oil price showed about a 3% gain over the week, Chris Kahn, AP Energy Writer, noted that prices had risen every trading day since Thanksgiving due to a combination of supply side pessimism over Iran’s nuclear program and demand side optimism over strong retail sales in the U.S. and efforts by the Federal […]

Oil Price Watch November 26th 2011

Oil prices continued to fall this week (but only marginally) as demand side fears about the European debt crisis and poor US economic data weighed more heaviliy than worries about a possible European ban on oil imports from Iran and a fall in US inventories. This is just a short update – next week I plan to also use the Oil Price […]

Oil Price Watch November 19th 2011

The Brent oil price fell significantly by more than $7 this week, there is an interesting post by Reuters which illustrates some of the short-term reasons for this, as well as some medium to longer term issues – including crucially Issue 5 (limited effectiveness of cartels) in the Oil Price Watch Overview The conflicting pressures within the Organization […]

Oil Price Watch November 12th 2011

The oil price rose to over $114 a barrel this week, the rise fuelled by optimism that Italy and Greece are shaping up

Oil Price Watch November 5th 2011

This week the market price of Brent Crude rose about $2 but this concealed big swings in the week, falling to about $106 on Tuesday

Oil Price Watch 29 October 2011

The price of a barrel of Brent Crude was almost unchanged from last week, on the face of it flatlining just below $110 a barrel. But that conceals violent swings during the week