January 24, 2020

Three ways entrepreneurs can benefit from ‘power in numbers’

New sports drink Golazo recently caught my attention because it appears to be scoring in the US. What can we learn from this shrewd attack on big brands? On first impressions, the US soft drinks industry might not seem very attractive for new starts. Manufacturing a beverage is likely to involve relatively high initial investment […]

Buy my product… and live happily ever after

At a car-boot sale recently I couldn’t resist buying two eerie little framed prints of “Jack and Jill” tumbling down a hill and “the old women who lived in a shoe”; they were over 120 years old and only a pound each!But what is it with society’s fixation with folklore and fairy tales, myths and […]

Best companies for leadership

The Global Consulting Hay Group has published their 2011 “Best Companies for Leadership” Study.  You can see it here. I think it is interesting that the top 20 companies feature at the top end of the Fortune 500 list as well as being “Best Companies to Work For” and “Best Companies for Leadership”. The Best […]