February 19, 2020

Bitcoin bubble? Not just for hackers

Remember bitcoin? The online currency that burst into people’s consciousness a few years ago and then kind of drifted off to the margins, not really being of much significance to anyone outside money launderers and suchlike? Sweeping generalisations aside, bitcoin never really went away. The reason for its loud arrival in 2013 can be put […]

Is bitcoin dying?

Bitcoin update The noise around bitcoin has quietened over the past year (see here for blog item last year). The price spiked up to about $1200 and in 2015 recently fell to around $200, a fall of nearly 85%. Over the past few weeks there has been a bit of a recovery in the price […]

How many tulips will your bitcoin buy?

Source:  www.fanboysanonymous.com In 2013 the value of a bitcoin fluctuated between  $20 and $1000, in late March 2014 it is now priced at around $590, but it can be pretty volatile. (What is a bitcoin? Read here.) Bitcoin advocates claim it as an alternative currency that cannot be manipulated by politicians, in the way that […]