March 31, 2020

Apple and the ethics of leadership

Is the ongoing controversy between Apple and America’s FBI a classic example of an ethical dilemma in business? In brief, the FBI has asked Apple to develop a process to unlock the security code of an iPhone belonging to a terrorist who, along with his wife, was responsible for the deaths of 14 Californians last year. Apple […]

Mobile Wallet – what does it mean for the customer experience?

View image |   In 1995 in a large town in the West of England a smart card electronic cash system was launched. It was called Mondex and was widely considered to be the catalyst that would cause the demise of cash. Pundits at the time claimed that within 10 years the UK; if […]

What price for an Apple?

  Apple shares have had a rough time of late.  Apple’s stock peaked at $705.07 in September, since then they have tumbled by over $200 to close at $501.75 yesterday (Monday 14th January 2013).  A fall of 28.8%  (***Tuesday 15/1/13, market opening prices, Apple are down another $10 at $490).  We have a bear market […]

Signing off as Blog Master for October

It is almost time for me to hand over the role of Blog Master to my colleague Iain Lauder. I will be posting further blogs on Project Management and on the EBS DBA programme in future, but for now I will sign off as October Blog Master with a few links to internet articles on […]

Facebook – what price growth?

Most people would agree that Apple is a high growth company.  What would you pay for Apple shares?  At the current time you would pay around 14 times their current year earnings.  This is their price-earnings ratio. What about Facebook?  It is a high growth company as well.  How much would you pay for Facebook?  […]