April 22, 2019

Swedish Alumni Chapter hold Whisky Tasting Event

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Swedish Alumni Chapter Whisky Tasting Event keynote speaker, Mr. Anders Gjörling.

Swedish Alumni Chapter Whisky Tasting Event keynote speaker, Mr. Anders Gjörling.

On October 10, 2013, the Swedish chapter of the EBS Alumni Club arranged a whisky tasting event; the event displayed the chapter’s strong ties in their relationship with Edinburgh and Scotland.

As is usual the Executive Management Institute kindly hosted the eventing, and provided an excellent buffet to consummate the event.

The keynote speaker at the event was Mr. Anders Gjörling. Anders is a member of the Keepers of the Quaich Society, and has been working with whisky tasting on a professional basis since 1997. Among other things he is the whisky editor of the Swedish magazine ‘Whisky & Bourbon’.

Anders’ presentation was divided into four segments; A historic expose of Scottish and Irish whisky production, a discussion on different types of whisky, how malt whisky is produced and finally the tasting of six distinctly different whiskies:

Anders frequently travels to Scotland and a wider range of distilleries and thus he has an impressive knowledge of the whisky trade, so his presentation triggered a most interesting discussion on current challenges to both large and small producers and issues related to everything from to branding and market positioning to strategic planning on quite a challenging global market.

The twelve alumni participants and the participating EXMI staff enjoyed an evening of intellectual, as well as culinary and gastronomic stimulation, at the highest level.

EXMI has compiled a small video sequence describing the event:

The Swedish chapter plans to have its next event early spring 2014. The success story continues!