October 20, 2018

Research Seminar: Cross-border Market Co-creation, Dynamic Capabilities and the Entrepreneurial Theory of the Multinational Enterprise

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Journal of International Business StudiesImage via WikipediaHosted by Christos Piletis – Director of the Centre for International Business and Management (CIBAM) Judge Business School and Fellow in Economics at Queens’ College University of Cambridge.

The concepts of asset co-specialization and dynamic capabilities have been instrumental in furthering the organization and strategy scholarship agenda, but have so far had limited impact on the theory of the multinational enterprise (MNE) and foreign direct investment (FDI).

In addition, the role of entrepreneurial management in orchestrating system-wide value creation through market and eco-system creation and co-creation, in order to advance private appropriation, has been all but ignored.

The presentation discusses how these ideas can help explain the nature of the MNE in the knowledge-based, semi-globalized economy. The nature of the MNE in its turn should not be seen as separable from either the objectives of the agents (entrepreneurs) who set them up or its essence—the employment of strategy to capture co-created value.

4:00 pm, Wednesday 16 February 2011 in the Auditorium of Edinburgh Business School and followed by refreshments


Dr Christos Pitelis has published extensively in scholarly journals such as Organization Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Organization Studies and International Journal of Industrial Organization. He is the Editor of the Collected Papers of Edith Penrose, on the editorial boards of Organization Science and Organization Studies and a Guest Editor for Organization Studies, Contributions to Political Economy, Corporate Governance, International Business Review and Management International Review, on the theory of the firm, globalization, international business, regulation, global governance and economic sustainability. Christos has researched, consulted and co-ordinated projects for governments, the European Commission, the United Nations, USAID, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the private sector.

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