October 22, 2019

OB Revision Session in Edinburgh

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English: Detail of a desk after studying.

English: Detail of a desk after studying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We held a two-day revision session for the December OB examination over Monday and Tuesday of this week. We had our full time cohort of students together with a number of people who had dropped in for the session from France, Norway, Nigeria, the Philippines (via Dubai), Tanzania and from other parts of the UK.   We discussed a number of interesting topics but I thought that the following was worth sharing with a wider audience.

There was an interesting discussion about off-shoring work to the far-east that included the rise in English language teaching in the Philippines largely associated with the fact that it is much cheaper there and that learners end up with an American English accent (useful when looking for employment with companies having a large US customer base).  We also identified that the Tata Group in India are off-shoring recruitment of highly qualified staff to include draining some of the best talent from the USA to India .   Finally we recognised that on-shoring is also happening – have you seen the reports that GE (amongst other US companies) is repatriating manufacturing jobs from the far-east to the USA to reduce delivery costs and lead times?   The world really does go round and round!

It was good to see how the group, coming from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds (entrepreneurs, managers in large corporations, a professional sportsman, and people taking time out to complete their MBA in one year), came together to work well in small groups.  It was really pleasing to see those attending sharing their own examples of OB in action from their working lives.

Everyone left the session better prepared for the OB examination in 3 weeks.