October 20, 2018

Is there any ‘service’ hope out there?

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clouds from plane

Clouds from plane (Photo credit: Retinafunk)

It’s the old, old story… the bigger you get the worse your service delivery gets? On recent trips overseas, on my favourite airline, as it has got bigger, I have noticed it’s service standards have slipped, at least as they matter to me! I no longer get a wash-bag, I am not personally welcomed back consistently by the purser (as a high reward card holder) as I sit down in my seat and I am not offered the first choice of food or even given my food first when I travel economy class, all like it used to be. Cost- cutting? Poor staff training?  Poor service monitoring?  Got up on the wrong side of the bed? All seems contrary to the stuff in the ‘Services’ course. Why does it have to be like this?

So I throw you all a challenge! Show me an organisation which, as it has grown bigger, its ‘service’ has either grown with it or has not deteriorated.  Examples on a pin head please!