January 23, 2019

Is it worth doing an MBA?

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 The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development  (CIPD), the UK body for professional Human Resource Managers, asks this question in the latest edition of their magazine People Management.

In an article entitled ‘It’s just for geniuses  – and six other myths about MBAs’ they ask the pertinent question: is an MBA worth it  – especially in current economic times when businesses and individual s are both having to watch their costs closely?

They seven myths they identify are:

  1. ‘MBAs aren’t keeping up with the real needs of businesses and managers’.
  2.  ‘Kiss goodbye to work-life balance.’
  3. ‘It’s only for high flyers.’
  4. ‘They’re dominated by men.’
  5. You’ve heard it all before.’
  6. ‘(Business School) rankings are the be-all and end-all.’
  7. ‘HR need not apply.’

The article quotes various academics and others addressing and rebutting each of these.  Incidentally the article features a comment by EBS’s very own Alick Kitchin on the second ‘myth’ about the work –life balance.  Alick points out the advantages of the flexible nature of the EBS MBA for busy managers.

Anyone who is not already on our MBA programme can read the article here and make up their own mind about whether studying for an MBA would be worthwhile.   

And of course all the details about the EBS MBA are on our webpage.