October 22, 2019

Interesting Articles

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the HR professionals’ body in the UK, highlighted research that indicates that too many people managers concentrate on slashing costs rather than promoting growth and employment.  A new UK cross-party Parliamentary Commission has been launched to find out why so many line managers are failing.  The Commission will report in 2014.  The CIPD article can be accessed here.  The Chartered Management Institute will support the Commission and it can be found here.

At the time this blog launched I posted a link to the BBC “The Bottom Line” programme hosted on BBC News TV.  The latest episode (series 15, episode 4) has an interesting discussion on what we would recognise as delegation of authority and empowerment.  The discussion was chaired by Evan Davies and included input from John Timpson, Chairman of the Timpson Group, Nikki King, the CEO of Isuzu Truck UK, and Sir Gerry Robinson, Chairman of Moto Hospitality.  I accessed the discussion here.

I found myself being somewhat uplifted by the story on Al Jazeera English about the impact of micro loans on female entrepreneurship in the slums of Mumbai, India.  Click here to read the article.