January 23, 2020

Interesting articles

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Here are some articles that I’ve found interesting and would like to share:

  • Ocado suffers a fall in shares as Waitrose challenges the online grocer over its discussions to help Morrisons develop an online service. Is Ocado risking a valuable long-term relationship, or is Waitrose reacting prematurely and unfairly to an opportunity for its ‘biggest customer’ to become healthier and more profitable? (related articles here and here).
  • Heinz show that baked beans are not just about taste and smell. A recent promotion makes use of ‘multi-sensual’ marketing by targeting all the senses.
  • Directly observing what real consumers do in the product-market of interest is a useful tool in a forecaster’s toolkit. Observation of social media gives insight into movie success
  • Follower advantages? Nokia capitalises on ‘benefits’ sought by consumers, by promoting the ‘compatibility’ of its new Lumia 925 device, and ‘relative advantage’.

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