August 18, 2019

Interesting Articles

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It’s time for the Marketing teaching team to hand over the role of ‘blog master’ to colleagues in Strategic Planning. That doesn’t mean you won’t still hear from us; we’ll continue posting stories whenever we see something interesting. For now, I’d like to wrap up with some articles which you might find interesting:

  • The internet has in many ways empowered consumers, but now Marketing magazine questions whether online consumers are turning their backs on user-generated content


  • Even when online retailers get order-processing and picking right, the final hurdle is much closer to home: delivering goods within an acceptable timeframe. Are delivery lockers the answer?



  • The move from proximity retailing to destination retailing, or, the ‘strip mall effect’ is counteracted by cash mobs in the USA and beyond…

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Teaching Fellow at Edinburgh Business School. Part of the Marketing teaching team, focusing on the Consumer Behaviour elective.