June 16, 2019

Interesting Articles

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  • There are a lot of informative articles on the euro crisis at the moment. Here are a couple of good articles interactive graphics:
    • A recent discussion of the crisis from the BBS can be found here. You might find the “crisis jargon buster” tool on the bottom right of the page useful.
    • A BBC article discussing the four dilemmas that Europe faces.
    • An excellent interactive graphic from the New York Times can be found here. It shows which countries are holding Greek debt and some potential scenarios.
    • Another graphic from the BBC here shows key economic data for various European economies over the last 11 years. You can highlight different countries by selecting them on the left.


  • You can see an interesting breakdown of UK government spending by department here.


  • Another graphic on the global population report from the UN can be found here. This ties in nicely with my post from last week, “Seven Billion”.