October 20, 2018

Edinburgh Business School partners with Germany's Corporate Coaching Institut (CCI)

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Winter skyline in Frankfurt, Germany.Image via WikipediaOn 9th April, Professor Keith Lumsden and Business Director Alick Kitchin of Edinburgh Business School spent the day at the KTC Königstein conference centre in Frankfurt  ( www.ktc-koenigstein.com) to announce a  new partnership in Germany with CORPORATE COACHING INSTITUT (“CCI”).

Professor Lumsden and Alick were guests of Edinburgh Business School’s new German partners, Richard and Daniela Reichel of CCI, and met with prospects, alumni and students of the MBA, MSc and DBA programmes.

Alick Kitchin said:

“Germany has always been an important European market for us, and we have over 100 active students and 200 alumni in Germany. Working with CCI, we look forward to offering approved tutoring and revision seminars at the Koenigstein centre  later in 2011”.

Full contact details for CCI are


Eignungsdiagnostik & Potenzialförderung
Karrierebegleitung & Unternehmerberatung
Im Wiesengrund 14
61479 Glashütten i. Ts.
Fon: 06174 6396 – 01
Fax: 06174 6396 – 04
Mail: reichel@cc-institut.de


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