March 19, 2019

Is there a correlation between ethical leadership and business success?

Consider these propositions regarding ethics in business: Proposition 1: Ethical considerations are not of concern (as long as we are lawful) because they may actually interfere with profitability and our first consideration needs to be the shareholder. Proposition 2: Business is much more than a profit-making enterprise; it is a means for improving the lives […]

Dealing with Darth Vador

View image | Lets be honest, how many of us can actually say that everyone we have dealt with has been a pussycat? It’s unlikely, to say the least, that everyone is as accommodating and interested in a joint gain as you. So how do you cope when you are faced with someone who […]

Don’t be put off by a ‘no’.

There are many people who are simply afraid to ask for something – be it a discount, a better price or compensation. But there is also a group of people who, having been brave enough to ask for something, are put off at the first hurdle, by someone saying ‘no’. Sometimes no means no, but […]

Reflections from a DBA candidate

Why a DBA? Why at the Edinburgh Business School (EBS)? Those were questions I asked myself around four years ago. During this time I was very much interested in doing my own piece of research in a field in which I personally was very interested in. So deciding to go for a doctorate was already […]

Looking for trouble? Workplace Conflict

View image | A recent survey by the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) examined employees’ experiences of conflict in their workplaces (“Getting under the skin of workplace conflict: Tracing the experiences of employees”, CIPD April 2015). The survey found that 40% of employees reported some form of interpersonal conflict in the […]

Think British!

  We all agree that 21st century managers need to appreciate that national culture is an important factor when managing diverse, multinational teams or organisations. There is no doubt that people from different cultures tend to hold different values. People from Western societies like the US and UK tend to be more individualistic in social […]

Doubleplusungood HR*

Journalist James Gingell, writing in the highly respected UK newspaper The Guardian, has recently compared the language used by Human Resources (HR) to that which George Orwell accused totalitarians of using to excuse and enable political repression.  Orwell of course was the author of the classic dystopia ‘1984’. Gingell wrote: ‘ …. I think there’s […]

Women as managers

There was an interesting article about whether women manage differently from men in the Economist of 6 June 2015. The research reported suggests that there is no real difference and it brings to mind a short scenario called ‘The New CEO’ which I have presented to MBA students and executives for many years. Briefly, the […]