March 19, 2019

Is it worth doing an MBA?

 The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development  (CIPD), the UK body for professional Human Resource Managers, asks this question in the latest edition of their magazine People Management. In an article entitled ‘It’s just for geniuses  – and six other myths about MBAs’ they ask the pertinent question: is an MBA worth it  – especially […]

Why are so many people financially illiterate?

A recent article in the Economist (16th Feb) asks this question. The article relates how many people can’t work out the interest on a savings account. Does this matter? What are the consequences of financial illiteracy? Well individuals will not plan effectively for known events, such as retirement, or university education.  And with governments around […]

Currency Wars

  Venezuela announced a surprise devaluation of the bolivar on Friday (8th Feb).  This coincided with a holiday weekend in Venezuela, so workers and companies will have to deal with that shock on Tuesday.  The devaluation was from 4.3 bolivars/$1 to 6.3 bolivars to $1, a devaluation of 32%.  This is Venezuela’s fifth devaluation since […]

What price for an Apple?

  Apple shares have had a rough time of late.  Apple’s stock peaked at $705.07 in September, since then they have tumbled by over $200 to close at $501.75 yesterday (Monday 14th January 2013).  A fall of 28.8%  (***Tuesday 15/1/13, market opening prices, Apple are down another $10 at $490).  We have a bear market […]

What is negative growth?

During the past turbulent five years many countries have experienced a reduction in Gross National Income (other terms used are Gross National Product or Gross Domestic Product). The big Western economies such as US and Germany were particularly badly hit in 2009 with significant reductions in GNI. Of course, the economies of countries such as India […]

West coast rail franchise – my spreadsheet is better than yours

Two companies were asked to submit bids to run a rail franchise in the UK for the next 15 years.  The customer is the UK government, which is a bit short of money these days.  Company one, the incumbent rail operator submits a bid, which is acceptable, but company two with a tweak or two […]

Interesting Articles

My short time as Blog Master is finishing today and I’ll be handing over to colleagues Jane and Barbara for the rest of August. That doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging – if I see an issue that captures my imagination I’ll be sure to post something here. In the meantime I have been […]

Facebook – what price growth?

Most people would agree that Apple is a high growth company.  What would you pay for Apple shares?  At the current time you would pay around 14 times their current year earnings.  This is their price-earnings ratio. What about Facebook?  It is a high growth company as well.  How much would you pay for Facebook?  […]