April 18, 2019

Blog Master’s Welcome

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Welcome to the new improved EBS blog.

Here we will be looking at real life issues and relating them to the content of the courses you are studying. We are aiming for a cross-disciplinary approach here – real world problems and issues are never purely linked to a single business discipline, so I’ll see if I can relate some of my postings to the work by my colleagues in other subject areas.

Each month there will be a different blog master – you’ll find a group photo of us all on the About page. I will be your blog master until August 10th. After that my colleagues in Marketing – Barbara Jamieson and Jane Priest – will take over for a month or so. You’ll find a significant archive of material from me and my colleagues already – take a look through if you are interested. We have also included archive content from the pilot economics blog we ran late last year.

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I am involved with both Economics and Strategic Planning, so you might find a flavour of both courses in my posts. Speaking of flavours and in honour of the Olympic opening ceremony tonight I thought I would refer you to Barbara’s post about Olympic sponsorship. It appears McDonald’s is looking to take advantage of its monopoly power within the Olympic village, for which it has no doubt paid a premium price!

As for me, with all the recent coverage of dairy farming price disputes in the UK, I’m wondering if entering that industry is a good idea at the moment. More to follow next week…