October 22, 2019

Blog Handover

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Links by Clips

Links by Clips (Photo credit: RambergMediaImages)

That’s the end of my month in charge of the EBS Blog.  I hope you have enjoyed the posts I have created.  As is customary I offer the following links to web sites that you might find interesting during your studies:

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is the UK professional organisation that registers managers in the HR and Development areas.  Their web site contains a vast array of helpful information on HR issues (some of which is for members only).

The Health and Safety Executive is the arm of the UK government that provides guidance to organisation on these issues.  This includes information on good working practices in the form of Business related Case Studies including information on approaches to managing stress.

If you have never completed a psychometric test I came across two web sites that allow you to get a bit of insight into your personal profile.  The first allows you to see your scores on Big 5 personality traits (OB Module 1)   The second gives a measure of your emotional intelligence.

Good luck on your future studies with EBS.