May 25, 2019

Alexa, who moved my employee?

Hint: it rhymes with “Aragon”, “Babylon” and even “Bourguignonne”. But there are others to point at as well… Lately, I hear some of my colleagues and start-up entrepreneurs from the high-tech industry grumbling and being outraged by their employees being ‘poached’ by huge and powerful companies (or recruiting agencies acting on their behalf). A post […]

Strategy and the future of Olympic Games bidding

I have previously written about the Olympic Games as a mega project and the unique human-behaviour characteristics that enable its scheduled completion time and time again, mostly by compromising cost. Last year’s Rio Olympic Games, for example, completed with just over 50 per cent cost overrun. There have been much worse cases in the past, […]

On throwers and catchers

I got the following email reply from a colleague not long ago. Actually, on 26 December. “Hi Shai, it is inappropriate to send work emails on Christmas Day”, followed by an answer to a question I had been waiting for. Because (email) etiquette in business conduct interests me, I then searched the organisation’s policy for […]

How critical is critical (path)?

Barely 60 days until the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. More than 10,000 athletes and delegates from more than 200 nations will parade in front of 80,000 spectators at the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro. Several more billions will be watching the live broadcast. In addition, swarms of tourists will flock to Rio and […]

Mirror(s) mirror(s) on the wall – what should I do if at all? – Wisdom of the crowd

Imagine that every important decision you make is made with the help of many smart people. Any question you ask can be answered based on the collective opinions, wisdom and experience of others, many others. It is called wisdom of the crowd. It simply means taking the average over a large number of responses (group […]

Project Constraints in Antarctica

Most project planning concerns creating a timeline and accounting for resources. The availability of those resources tends to lead to the usual constraints regarding the project. An organisation will only have a finite amount of money, employees, and other available resources to dedicate to any project. Some ventures require a more carefully developed plan to […]

What is your managerial mark?

Have you ever asked yourself what you would you like to achieve as a manager, not only a “project” manager, but a manager, a leader maybe? What would people say about you when you  complete your current role at work? What will they say  about your management and about your sub-ordinates? As managers, we are […]

The sky is the limit (?!)

When completed, the Kingdom Tower near Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) will be the world’s tallest building, reaching a height of 1,000m. It will literally reach the sky… Could we expect even higher building in the future? With their ambitious height and size they can become “mini cities”. This would definitely change our perception of “home” and […]