October 22, 2019

Are we all just chasing rainbows?

At a recent conference I attended in the USA, a speaker told us about the four ‘must happens’ for success in the world in business over the next few years: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR). How many times have we heard this? And for how many years have academics been researching and […]

It’s all in the ‘headline’ isn’t it?

Have you noticed how the UK General Election campaign has been all about headlines? It’s the ‘economy’, ‘immigration’, ‘equality’ and ‘the people’ you know! Has something so important as a General Election been reduced to the status of the ‘celebrity’ culture where the deep details, be they nice or not so nice and often very, […]

So you thought private labels were the domain of the ‘less well- off’ did you?

In the retail sector, primarily two forms of brand categories exist – National Brands (NBs) and Private Label Brands (PLBs) (see the Marketing course Module 11).  As Justin Beneke reports (Edinburgh Business School DBA thesis, 2014), ‘whereas in developed nations it is the hard-pressed consumer segment that represents the most attractive market segment for private […]

The Price isn’t just right!!!

Do you know that supermarkets could be throwing away millions of pounds in revenue? Do you know why? Well it’s because they may not be pricing their products correctly. It is estimated that UK and US consumers spend 9.4% and 6.1% of household total expenditure respectively on grocery products. Yet despite this significant share of […]

Are you under the Supermarket’s spell?

‘We have ways of making you want to buy’! Could be an apt slogan of any supermarket. Are you aware of the ‘tricks of the trade’ to get you to buy from car park to checkout? Let’s have a look at a few. Red signs in the car park banner discounts and special offers, reinforced […]

Is there any ‘service’ hope out there?

It’s the old, old story… the bigger you get the worse your service delivery gets? On recent trips overseas, on my favourite airline, as it has got bigger, I have noticed it’s service standards have slipped, at least as they matter to me! I no longer get a wash-bag, I am not personally welcomed back […]

Twinkle, twinkle little star, now I wonder where you are?

I recently heard an Internet consultant say that children 5 years ago were living with the internet, today they are living in the internet and mobile applications. The American Marketing Association is now making mobile marketing and ‘big data’, two of their research priorities over the next few years. Both will revolutionise consumer behaviour and […]

A Marketer, a Marketer, my Board Room for a Marketer! (apologies to the Bard)

In answer to the question why so few marketers make it to the board room, Amanda Mackenzie, Aviva’s Chief marketing and communications officer, had this to say: ‘I think it’s because people still see marketing as an enabler rather than a strategic function. There is still a perception that marketers tend to talk as right-brained […]