August 18, 2019

What Hitachi can teach us about managing people?

The UK’s CIPD published an interesting article recently on the people-management culture within the Japanese multinational engineering company Hitachi (People Management, 25 May 2014) . Hitachi’s £1.2 billion contract to supply the East Coast main line, and its forthcoming deal for the Great Western line, mean that its trains will soon be as well known […]

Working from Home

That sounds ideal to many of us – no commuting, no boss looking over our shoulder all the time. And indeed in the UK it seems more and more people are doing it. The UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reported this week that the number of home workers in Great Britain has […]

Top female talent: use it or lose it?

The number of female entrepreneurs in the UK is steadily rising despite the difficult economic conditions of the past five years. In July 2013 the Office for National Statistics reported that there were 1.35 million women in self- employment a figure which was 19% higher than in 2008. However an interesting report from the Chartered […]

Working too hard? Work Intensification in Britain.

Britain, regarded as the sick man of Europe in the 1970s, bedevilled with militant trade unions and work-shy employees (according to popular mythology at least), seems to have regained its work ethic with a vengeance in the 21st Century. According to the UK Skills and Employment Survey 2013, hard work can be challenging, stressful and […]

Is it worth doing an MBA?

 The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development  (CIPD), the UK body for professional Human Resource Managers, asks this question in the latest edition of their magazine People Management. In an article entitled ‘It’s just for geniuses  – and six other myths about MBAs’ they ask the pertinent question: is an MBA worth it  – especially […]

Off-Shoring and On-Shoring: Not Just a Question of Labour Costs

For the past couple of decades cheap labour in developing countries has been the driving force behind the phenomenon of “off-shoring” whereby manufacturers and service  providers  in developed economies transfer operations to developing ones.  US to China is the paradigm case.  Off-shoring has often been hugely controversial in the countries undertaking it because of the […]

Britain: Overqualified or Underskilled?

             Large investments of time and money are made in education and training in Britain by government, employers and workers. For the economy to thrive, the best use needs to be made of the skills produced. A  report  ‘Skills at Work in Britain’ published in May 2013 provides new evidence on whether employers in Britain […]

Cuts and changes: too much to manage?

  Reports that there have been lengthy delays for passengers landing at London’s Heathrow airport have been making the headlines recently and have led to questions being asked in Parliament. The story gained added urgency with the Olympic Games this summer. Fears were expressed that Britain’s image would suffer if foreign visitors to the Games […]