January 29, 2020

HR and AI

Writing recently in the UK professional HR journal ‘People Management’ Georgi Gyton and Robert Jeffery tell their readers that ‘Chatbots can already perform basic HR roles, and what’s coming next is a game-changer’. Chatbots are text-based applications that carry out a ‘natural language’ conversation by accessing a database of predetermined phrases. Lloyds and RBS already […]

Will MBA graduates be replaced by robots?

One researcher into the effects of IT and automation has suggested they might. Pat Chapman-Pincher, writing in the Financial Times earlier this year, argues that  ‘business schools are no longer relevant in the age of automation’. It’s not just business schools that aren’t keeping up with the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) according Chapman-Pincher. In […]

Are they worth it? We don’t think so!

On Thursday 14 April The Guardian reported that “Britain’s top bosses were sent a warning on Thursday that they must rein in boardroom excess when shareholders voted overwhelmingly against huge pay deals at two of Britain’s biggest companies”. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/apr/14/bp-pledge-shareholder-anger-ceo-bob-dudleypay-deal 60% of shareholders voted against a £14m pay package for the chief executive of BP, Bob […]

Looking for trouble? Workplace Conflict

View image | gettyimages.com A recent survey by the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) examined employees’ experiences of conflict in their workplaces (“Getting under the skin of workplace conflict: Tracing the experiences of employees”, CIPD April 2015). The survey found that 40% of employees reported some form of interpersonal conflict in the […]

Think British!

  We all agree that 21st century managers need to appreciate that national culture is an important factor when managing diverse, multinational teams or organisations. There is no doubt that people from different cultures tend to hold different values. People from Western societies like the US and UK tend to be more individualistic in social […]

Doubleplusungood HR*

Journalist James Gingell, writing in the highly respected UK newspaper The Guardian, has recently compared the language used by Human Resources (HR) to that which George Orwell accused totalitarians of using to excuse and enable political repression.  Orwell of course was the author of the classic dystopia ‘1984’. Gingell wrote: ‘ …. I think there’s […]

In Praise of Part-timers

We’ve got it all wrong, says Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecoms tycoon and world’s second-richest man: we should be working only three days a week. The Financial Times (July 18, 2014) reported that the 74-year-old self-made entrepreneur told a business conference in Paraguay that it was time for a “radical overhaul” of people’s working lives. […]

Love yourself – a little

Heriot-Watt has been holding graduation ceremonies this week for EBS DBA, MSC and MBA graduates.    Naturally Principal Steve Chapman congratulated the graduates and wished them well in their future endeavours.  He exhorted them to take ambitious actions in their careers, but it seems there might be one other piece of advice they might need in […]