June 19, 2019

Are your leadership traits affected by your goals?

Much of the trait theory of leadership would hold that our traits are relatively stable: attributes with which we are born. However, interesting research by McCabe and Fleeson (2016) gives us pause for thought. In three different studies, they found that levels of traits manifested (in this case extraversion and conscientiousness) were dependent upon the […]

Apple and the ethics of leadership

Is the ongoing controversy between Apple and America’s FBI a classic example of an ethical dilemma in business? In brief, the FBI has asked Apple to develop a process to unlock the security code of an iPhone belonging to a terrorist who, along with his wife, was responsible for the deaths of 14 Californians last year. Apple […]

Are smarter people better leaders?

Embed from Getty Images Alex Greer, a US freelance writer, has posted a fascinating article comparing US presidents’ IQs with their relative levels of success in presidency. An IQ of 100 is said to be average while only 5% of the population will have an IQ of 125 or higher. A California academic, Dean Simonton1, […]

Do you have the face of a leader? Research correlates CEOs’ facial appearance with financial performance

Attempts to identify and predict human behaviours based on physical traits have been made since at least the eighteenth century. The pseudoscience of phrenology developed charts that supposedly assessed intelligence and certain personality characteristics from the shape of the skull. Upon his death, Einstein’s brain was to suffer the ignominious fate of being sliced up […]

Maybe leaders really are born

The classic ‘nature v nurture’ argument in psychology has played itself out in leadership theory with the development of opposing viewpoints: trait theory v behaviour theory. Trait theory maintains that leadership is an inherent characteristic. Leaders are born. Behaviour theory counters that leadership is really a matter of employing effective behaviours and that, given the […]

Is there a correlation between ethical leadership and business success?

Consider these propositions regarding ethics in business: Proposition 1: Ethical considerations are not of concern (as long as we are lawful) because they may actually interfere with profitability and our first consideration needs to be the shareholder. Proposition 2: Business is much more than a profit-making enterprise; it is a means for improving the lives […]