September 30, 2020

About Edinburgh Business School

One of the world’s most innovative business schools

Edinburgh Business School is home to some of the most challenging, most rewarding business education programmes in the world. Our courses are designed around you. Wherever you may be, whenever you’re able to study, you’ll find the MBA, MSc or DBA course you’re looking for.

Founded in 1997, Edinburgh Business School has a singular vision. We want to help our students fulfil their talents – and reap the career rewards they deserve. Our renowned MBA, MSc and DBA programmes are both innovative and flexible. You can join us here on campus or work from home by distance learning. You can study and take your exams when you want. And you can learn in a variety of languages.

Created to meet the unique demands of the international business world, our programmes are studied by ambitious executives from across the globe. This is business education at its most relevant. Its most engaging.

There are more than 16,500 Edinburgh Business School alumni – and more than 11,300 active students. We have academic partners across six continents and more than 400 exam centres. We are a truly global school.

Edinburgh Business School offers a powerful combination of academic heritage and modern business learning. Based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, we have many years of research and development in business management and corporate thinking, led by our founder Professor Keith Lumsden.

We are a part of Heriot-Watt University, the eighth oldest higher education institution in the UK. The Business School is situated in a state-of-the-art campus on the green edge of Scotland’s capital city, providing all learning requirements in one location. Our partnership with organisations and institutions across the globe not only provides an all-encompassing approach to study, it offers real convenience and local support for our students.

As a graduate of one of the most innovative business schools in the world, your skills are sure to be in high demand.