September 23, 2019

Archives for February 2017

The Queensferry Crossing

The new Queensferry Crossing, a road bridge located near Edinburgh and just a few kilometres from Edinburgh Business School, is scheduled to open during the first half of 2017. The bridge is the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world. It is around 2.7km long and the towers are around 200m above the level of […]

North Sea Oil Infrastructure Decommissioning

For over 40 years the North Sea has provided a steady stream of major projects ranging from field explorations to well drilling and completions. Over that time the UK sector of the North Sea oil has made a significant contribution to the UK economy. Most of the large oil and gas fields are now, however, […]

Perfection not guaranteed

Is there such a thing as the perfect deal? Is it a myth or is it achievable? If it is achievable, how do we measure it? First we have to define the perfect deal. Does it mean: I’ve done well in the deal? (But this suggests the other side didn’t get much from the deal, […]