July 12, 2020

Archives for May 2016

Name your price?

A fascinating twist on appointing Jose Mourinho as Manchester United’s new manager has arisen. Apparently Chelsea still own the rights to Mourinho’s name in conjunction with any commercial products. How does this hold up negotiations? Club merchandise is a huge business, and unless United can secure the use of their newly appointed manager’s name on […]

Will MBA graduates be replaced by robots?

One researcher into the effects of IT and automation has suggested they might. Pat Chapman-Pincher, writing in the Financial Times earlier this year, argues that  ‘business schools are no longer relevant in the age of automation’. It’s not just business schools that aren’t keeping up with the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) according Chapman-Pincher. In […]

The Risk of Managing Risks

Does undertaking efforts to manage risk really make a difference? At times, I wonder. I recently conducted a review for a construction project that was stalled due to the collapse of a portion of the roof structure. I asked to see the risk register and was provided with a very comprehensive document – yet the […]