July 12, 2020

Archives for March 2016

It’s not me, it’s you: five ways to improve your relationships

Relationships are complex, and business relationships are no different to personal ones. You’re often left second-guessing meanings and questioning outcomes. If they end, you’re often left wondering: where did I go wrong?  Was it something I said? Following these few simple rules can help you get more from your relationships and ensure their longevity. Building […]

Apple and the ethics of leadership

Is the ongoing controversy between Apple and America’s FBI a classic example of an ethical dilemma in business? In brief, the FBI has asked Apple to develop a process to unlock the security code of an iPhone belonging to a terrorist who, along with his wife, was responsible for the deaths of 14 Californians last year. Apple […]

Who gets the Oscars?

It’s Oscar time again with the usual retinue of highly paid stars, glitz and glamour. But what really makes a successful film? Back in 1983 I read William Goldman’s book Adventures in the Screen Trade, which had a formative influence on my own thinking about strategy. Goldman is a highly influential screenwriter – for example, […]