July 12, 2020

Archives for December 2015

Do you have the face of a leader? Research correlates CEOs’ facial appearance with financial performance

Attempts to identify and predict human behaviours based on physical traits have been made since at least the eighteenth century. The pseudoscience of phrenology developed charts that supposedly assessed intelligence and certain personality characteristics from the shape of the skull. Upon his death, Einstein’s brain was to suffer the ignominious fate of being sliced up […]

The power of perception (or deception?)

I recently reported on a paper about corporate social responsibility that I saw presented at a conference in the USA. Well, at the same conference another paper caught my attention. It consisted of a series of photos of the recent Hong Kong riots, in which students demonstrated against what they saw as a lack of […]

Don’t be weighed down by an anchor

Behavioural science has long been of interest to me, so I recently read a recommended book on the subject: Nudge by Thaler and Sunstein. It’s a good read but one section in particular reminded me of the vulnerabilities of students dazzled by fantastical tales of ‘anchoring’. Let me explain. Anchoring has been proved, through many […]