March 28, 2020

Archives for November 2015

Market segmentation: are you a Rural Vogue or a Satellite Settler?

Do you live in the country, have a young family, drive a Range Rover and own a big dog? If so, you might be what marketers like to call ‘Rural Vogue’. In the UK, more and more professionals with families are swapping urban living for the country, while maintaining their city salaries. Digital connectivity and […]

Maybe leaders really are born

The classic ‘nature v nurture’ argument in psychology has played itself out in leadership theory with the development of opposing viewpoints: trait theory v behaviour theory. Trait theory maintains that leadership is an inherent characteristic. Leaders are born. Behaviour theory counters that leadership is really a matter of employing effective behaviours and that, given the […]

Are we all just chasing rainbows?

At a recent conference I attended in the USA, a speaker told us about the four ‘must happens’ for success in the world in business over the next few years: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR). How many times have we heard this? And for how many years have academics been researching and […]

YouTube rolls out the red carpet

At the end of October 2015, YouTube took on the likes of Netflix and Spotify by launching a subscription service in the US costing $9.99 per month. Avid YouTubers who sign up to the premium offering, named Red, will, according to YouTube, get multiple benefits for their money: Dodge the ads that are served before […]