September 23, 2019

Archives for June 2015

Small world

The Edinburgh Business School DBA programme, like its MBA, is characterised by its international reach.  In the case of the DBA this includes both candidates and expert supervisors as this recent web board exchange between a candidate and her supervisor illustrates: Candidate : “Thanks so much – so you are German and living in France […]

June graduation for six DBA candidates

Six more Edinburgh Business School DBA candidates are due to graduate next week alongside their fellow EBS MBA and MSc graduands.  The DBAs are an interesting group: not only do they come from three continents and a wide range of countries (Eygpt, Greece, Switzerland, USA and UK), but the work that they have done is […]

Women as managers

There was an interesting article about whether women manage differently from men in the Economist of 6 June 2015. The research reported suggests that there is no real difference and it brings to mind a short scenario called ‘The New CEO’ which I have presented to MBA students and executives for many years. Briefly, the […]


Mobilegeddon is the rather dramatic name for Google’s latest search algorithm update, which occurred in April. The new update favours mobile optimised websites in organic search rankings due to the fact that a rising proportion of searches now take place on mobile devices – according to Google a figure which surpassed 50 per cent at […]

When is revenue not revenue?

  One of the accounting challenges that face businesses is the timing of the recognition of revenue – exactly when can revenue be recognised in the income statement. The answer to that question is crucial as it has a huge impact on when profits are earned and reported to shareholders. For some sectors – like […]