January 26, 2020

Archives for March 2015

Shut Up

However frustrating silence is in a negotiation, it is imperative to learn to enjoy the silence and let the other side respond to your proposal / statement in their own time. Rushing in with amendments is tantamount to negotiating with yourself, and confusing them with “chat” can be just as damaging. I am currently engaged […]

Is bitcoin dying?

Bitcoin update The noise around bitcoin has quietened over the past year (see here for blog item last year). The price spiked up to about $1200 and in 2015 recently fell to around $200, a fall of nearly 85%. Over the past few weeks there has been a bit of a recovery in the price […]

‘C’mon Andy’

In recent years there has been much talk about a shift in power from brand owner to consumer. The time when brand owners thought themselves to be in full control of their brand has passed; increasingly it is recognised that brands evolve through the ways consumers interact with them.  On the rise too are customer expectations based on […]